lunes, marzo 13, 2006

That's the way of the world

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orange dijo...

dear Leo

Thanks for dropping by..I loe the work..very loose and unihibited..just the kind that is refreshing. I can see you are a searle fan too...haha now we can totally be

Great work leo
robin joseph

linking you right away

orange dijo...

dear leo

Man that link you just sent me is a treasure trove. Lukas's work reminds me of another indian cartoonist i love and admire...Mario Miranda. i do not have any of his works on me or copies for that all stays in the head you see. in a little closet of admiration .

Thanks so much..i am so glad you sent me thhis link. man time we started emailing each

best regards

Alina Chau dijo...

very nice drawings!

heri dijo...

great blog!

Anónimo dijo...

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